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We provide structural and cosmetic repair and restoration solutions for concrete, masonry, terra-cotta, and stone.  We specialize in building exteriors and parking structures. Our craftsmen are certified by manufacturers in a range of building restoration products and processes. CRS will provide a complete turnkey solution. Our "hands on" pre-project inspections help you understand the true condition of your buildings and help you develop an effective plan for restoration and maintenance. Through clear communication with you in all stages of the project, we will manage your project within budget and on schedule.

Specializing in

Structural Repairs, Masonry Restoration, Structural Strengthening, Concrete Restoration, Facade Restoration, Stone Restoration, Waterproofing, Paints / Coatings, Anchoring, Pinning, Natural Stone, Non-Chemical Cleaning, Terra-cotta Repair, Masonry Repair, Concrete Repair

Contact Us

Please call us at (801)556-9238 or if you choose, you may send an email to We look forward to working to provide you with solutions.

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